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- Ella and the ocean Tanner, Lian Ella and the oceanE Tan 9 -
Title: Ella and the ocean
Author: Tanner, Lian
Year: 2019
Collections: Easy, Easy Stories.
Available at: Mobile Library, Hay, Narrandera.
- Count on me Tanco, Miguel Count on meE Tan 8 -
Title: Count on me
Author: Tanco, Miguel
Year: 2020
Collections: Easy.
Available at: Narrandera.
- Hedgehugs: Horace and Hattiepillar Tapper, Lucy Hedgehugs: Horace and HattiepillarE Tap 7 -
Title: Hedgehugs: Horace and Hattiepillar
Author: Tapper, Lucy
Year: 2015
Collections: Easy.
Available at: Hay.
- Hedgehugs hopping hot Tapper, Lucy Hedgehugs hopping hotE Tap 5 -
Title: Hedgehugs hopping hot
Author: Tapper, Lucy
Year: 2016
Collections: Easy Animals.
Available at: Griffith.
- Are you there little fox? Taplin, Sam Are you there little fox?E Tap 4 -
Title: Are you there little fox?
Author: Taplin, Sam
Year: 2017
Collections: Easy Board Books.
Available at: Mobile Library.
- The Dream director Taprell, Krysten The Dream directorTap 2 -
Title: The Dream director
Author: Taprell, Krysten
Year: 2021
Collections: Easy, Easy Stories.
Available at: Mobile Library, Griffith, Hay, Jerilderie.
- Aunty's wedding Tapsell, Miranda Aunty's weddingTap 1 -
Title: Aunty's wedding
Author: Tapsell, Miranda
Year: 2020
Collections: Easy, Easy Families.
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