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- What I don't know might hurt me (Bk 4) Benton, Jim What I don't know might hurt me (Bk 4)Ben 9 -
Title: What I don't know might hurt me (Bk 4)
Author: Benton, Jim
Year: 2013
Collections: Junior Fiction Humour.
Available at: Mobile Library.
- The Immortalists Benjamin, Chloe The ImmortalistsBen 8 -
Title: The Immortalists
Author: Benjamin, Chloe
Year: 2018
Collections: Adult Fiction, Adult Fiction Family Drama.
Available at: Griffith, Narrandera.
- Midsummer magic Bennett, Rebecca Midsummer magicBen 7 -
Title: Midsummer magic
Author: Bennett, Rebecca
Year: 2017
Collections: Large Print.
Available at: Griffith, Narrandera.
- Be happy little penguin Bendall-Brunello, Tiziana Be happy little penguinBen 6 -
Title: Be happy little penguin
Author: Bendall-Brunello, Tiziana
Year: 2012
Collections: Easy Animals.
Available at: Griffith.
- American elsewhere Bennett, Robert Jackson American elsewhereBen 5 -
Title: American elsewhere
Author: Bennett, Robert Jackson
Year: 2013
Collections: Adult Fiction Horror.
Available at: Griffith.
- The mighty avengers (Bk 1) Bendis, Brian Michael The mighty avengers (Bk 1)Ben 4 -
Title: The mighty avengers (Bk 1)
Author: Bendis, Brian Michael
Year: 2009
Collections: Comics.
Available at: Mobile Library.
- King Rich Bennett, Joe King RichF Ben 3 -
Title: King Rich
Author: Bennett, Joe
Year: 2015
Collections: Adult Fiction, Adult Fiction Relationships.
Available at: Narrandera, Griffith.
- The Jaguar and the javelin Benjamin, A. H. The Jaguar and the javelinBen 2 -
Title: The Jaguar and the javelin
Author: Benjamin, A. H.
Year: 2016
Collections: Junior Fiction First Reader.
Available at: Mobile Library.
- Consent Benedictus, Leo ConsentBen 1 -
Title: Consent
Author: Benedictus, Leo
Year: 2018
Collections: Adult Fiction Crime / Thriller.
Available at: Griffith.